Swap- of functions (at least in Dutch translations)

I installed windows version and after display a customer or a supplier and copying to a new customer or supplier the wrong text is displayed and the wrong file is build. There is a swap of functions.

I do not see anything wrong in your screenshot. It shows that you can copy the “Debiteur/Klant = Customer” to “Nieuwe Crediteur/Leverancier = Supplier”. So not sure what your issue is.

This “Copy to” was added for the purpose that sometimes a Supplier is also a Customer and vice versa. You need to use create new customer or new supplier under the customer and suppliers tabs to create new ones. You can also use clone (Dupliceren) for an exact copy to which you may want to make some changes.

@EKO as stated by you it is indeed a new function and much appreciated. In older versions there was the possibility to copy to eg customers and/or supplier but that has gone now. No problem . Thank you for the reply , over and out.