Sales invoice batch create/update text error

I tried the sales invoice batch create function, and tried to complete the excel spreadsheet by filling in the invoice date, invoice number, customer, account and amount. However, only invoice date and invoice number is updated in the batch of invoices but all other fields remain suspense and need to input.

I tried the batch update function and noted that for such fields, all text became error messages as shown in the below screen. Wonder if anyone can help? Thank you very much!


What error message are you talking about - I don’t see any error message?

The hexadecimal codes (the long list of numbers and letters) are the internal codes used by Manager to identify the customer and sales accounts to update

OK, I tried to use the Batch Create function and didn’t get the result I expected - but I suspect that was because I hadn’t filled in the fields/columns correctly. It isn’t evident which fields/columns are necessary and required entry nor what data needs to be entered - see the guide Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions

I expect you have to enter the customer and account as the keys used by Manager and not the names

just tried to input the customer adding the customer code other than the originally filled customer name, and tried to add the customer code instead of customer name for the batch create.

But the same error appears with the long list of numbers and letters appear. Not sure how to resolve and is it due to some text or language error? Thanks