Support for emailing documents in Desktop edition

this thread is “Emailing documents in desktop edition”
that functionality is in the ideas as a replacement for the obsolete current internal pdf generator. The functionalitly is to be replaced but probably not with another internal pdf generator. Likely a document in another format.

Please read my earlier post (16) which says the same. The issue is that the system used for Server and Cloud editions where the recipient gets a link to an online URL would not work for the desktop edition. Therefore at the moment the only we to share documents directly from Manager is by using the PDF generator. Alternatively you can Print to PDF and send emails by your normal email package.

We still use in Server edition the PDF generator as so far it has been working for us and is the most convenient way. Our customers and suppliers prefer getting PDF attachments rather than links they need to follow and Print to PDF. As such as I still hope that this gets restored by using a more suitable PDF generator, but that discussion so far did not result in much prospect hence my post about not counting on it.

Sorry but I’m still unsure about updating (I’m using Desktop) till I can be sure clients that I invoice will still be able to open invoices I email.
I don’t understand how to do this in the new version, so am reluctant to download. Any help to explain to me would be greatly appreciated.

  • Make a back up of your business file. With this you will be able to restore that file should the new version of Manager not be suitable for you (you will not be able to use a data file opened with a newer version if you re install the old version.

  • Record your current Manager version and make sure you have a copy of the install program for that Manager version.

  • install the current version of Manager on a computer. If you use a different computer or different user login reverting would be trivial

  • test the new version, if it meets your needs install it on your main computer / user login. if not continue using the old version ( reinstall and import backup data file if required).

Thankyou for your response.
I will look into doing this. If it looks too daunting maybe I will put off updating till invoice emails can be sent through manager like in the version I’m using now. I’m not very confident in my ability to not stuff it up. :smile:

Last time I upgrades (a few weeks ago) emailing pdf through Manager still worked for me however I still do a backup and have a copy of the prior Manager program version.

Then don’t. Although the test edition I’m using is always the latest server version (as of this writing my production version is 20.8.67 and it works fine for my accounting needs.

If the Internal PDF generator in Settings > Obsolete Features is enabled, sending emails with attached PDF invoice still works fine.

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Maybe this is for newbies like me to recap, excuse if it’s redundant:
in ver 23.7.27
I am successfully sending invoices with PDF attached automatically after going to:
Settings> Obsolete Features> enable: ‘Internal PDF generator’.
*note: while the ‘view’ button appears in the email template - it does NOT appear in the actual email. Just my template content and the PDF invoice attached.
*note: It’s very important for me to be able to view when a client was invoiced for non-payers … so I am finding this very conveniently in the top nav “Emails” history with timestamp.

Coming from quickbooks online day two of migration I can’t be happier so far. Now onto importing customers from excel…

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OMG, the version I had was doing an attached PDF. Why did i upgrade. So now I will print to PDF then email that to customers. BUGGA

If you read the message by @James_Thompson you would notice that it is still available!

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That works great

This has been now resolved in the latest version (24.4.4)