Suggestion to Add Reconciliation Feature to Customer and Supplier Tab

It would be great if the system has the ability to reconcile the balance of our books and our Supplier and Customer Books. same as bank reconciliation.

this feature will keep both records match and make the balance confirmation very easy task to do, since the system will help you identify the differance between both records.

Two points:

  1. This is the purpose of a transactions-type customer or supplier statement.
  2. You cannot simply adjust entries in a subsidiary ledger like Accounts receivable or Accounts payable. You must edit the underlying sales or purchase invoices.

I think reconciliation process makes sense only for suppliers tab.

It doesn’t make sense for customers tab because you are the source of truth.

Dear @Tut

to reply to point

  1. could you please clarify you point further on.
  2. it doesn’t need any adjustment sometime, in reconciliation it will help you to identify which invoice not yet recorded in your books, and make the ending balance match with their books. it is possible to activate the debit note in reconciliation to make the required adjustment if required

In my case, I have more than 50 purchase invoice a month, every month I am extracting to excel for reconciliation to find out the difference.

I agree with you that it make sense for suppliers

Under Reports there are Customer Statements and Supplier Statements. You should select the Statement type as Transactions and then the period. this will show you customer-wise or supplier-wise statement of all the transactions made.

if the invoice is not yet recorded, you should record that invoice and not make a debit or credit note. that is a totally different and wrong accounting practice.
when a purchase invoice is received, the total amount should be checked to exactly match the actual purchase invoice when making the entry in Manager. the rounding difference can be added as a line item in the purchase invoice when there is a difference.

to check if you have missed any entries, generate a statement like mentioned above.

Read the Guides about statements: and

Comparison of a supplier statement with information furnished by the supplier will indicate where there may be trouble. As @sharpdrivetek wrote, if a purchase invoice is missing, enter it. This is not the purpose of debit notes, which are described here: If the purchase invoice is present, but amounts disagree, figure out which amount is correct and edit the purchase invoice if there is an error.

This process is not like bank reconciliation. A primary purpose of bank reconciliation is to document differences between your books and the bank statement. Those differences can be perfectly legitimate, primarily when deposits and withdrawals have not yet cleared.

thanks for your reply

I agree with the above, usually I am extracting the supplier or Customer SOA for reconciliation. regard my statment when I said Debit or Credit Note, in our business we recieve from our supplier Debit Note in monthly basis . that’s why I mentioned Debit and Credit Note.

I request this suggestion, because it will save time to find out the invoices not yet recorded or the Debit Notes in supplier tab rather than going to every line in the SOA which will take longer time that the system reconcilation.

thanks a gain for your comment

thanks for your reply and clarification. based on my case currently I am doing reconcilation on monthly bases for the main supplier becuse of the volume of transaction I have differeance every month.therefore, I past this suggestion to be alarted to the system developer.

I know that this suggestion is not required by small business becuase of the volume of transaction. but it will save time for big business to find out differance wheather it is Invoice or Debit Note in supplier case.

thanks again for your comment on this suggestion

In the Suppliers tab, if you click the blue value for a supplier under Accounts Payable, it will show all the related transactions.

then in the Search you can enter purchase or credit to show the purchase invoices or credit notes respectively. (by the way i do not know why suppliers would issue you debit notes like you said)

also you can click the column headings like Date or # to sort the transactions in ascending or descending order.

this way you can easily cross-check the purchase invoices and debit notes received. if there is a transaction missing, it will not show in the list.

Actually, it is a Credit Note not Debit Note, as you stated

thanks for your valid comments

Hi @lubos . Do you have any update or fixture on the same matter? Regarding supplier reconciliation.

I do not believe you should except action on this. If you read this thread, it is mostly about ways the program already furnishes this information.