Help with Monthly Payments


I have been looking on both the Forum and the Guides for some explanation on the following;
I have monthly payments for services like electricity/ phone/ rent and son on, which are paid automatically by bank transaction and my bank does not provide me with the needed file(s) to upload to Manager in order to have this setup with bank statements.
Knowing that, I had each one of those services as supplier (which up to a certain point that is what they are anyway) and I have created a “Purchase Invoice” for each payment.
The problem I am being faced with a the moment is the following;
Under Suppliers Tab
It does show the number of “Invoices” for each Supplier and the total amount under “Accounts Payable”
However, when clicking on the number of “Invoices” it shows that all have an overdue date as if they have not been paid.
Suppliers Control Account is set up and I tried to change on the “Chart of Accounts” to all the possible options, Assets, Liabilities and Equity, in order to see if those “Invoices would show up as “paid in full”.
Also, the value of these “Invoices” shows up under “Equity – Retained Earnings” when checking the General Ledger. It does not show as an Expense.
I did try to use the “Expense Claims” a well with the same end result.
So far, I have not been able to put this to work properly and, is there actually a way to do this on Manager?
If not, is it possible to have this option included on a future version, please?
Including the option of recurring payment under spend money would also help in this matter. (I think…)
Anyway, the only posts that have something related to what I am mentioning are
(2015) Monthly spending
(2016) Purchase paid by monthly installments
but none of them actually develops this option any further.
Also, not sure if it is relevant but, I only have “Cash Accounts”. I admit I overlooked that detail when I started using Manager and now, if needed, I do not know how to change all these values I have under “Cash Accounts” into “Bank Accounts” if needed in order to fix the problem above.
My current Manager version is 18.1.0 (desktop)
I am using it as Self-Employed Business
Thank you for your help!

On the Cash Accounts tab in the bottom right corner you will find 0 cash convert button

When you pay a purchase invoice, you must post the payment to Accounts payable and the supplier’s subaccount. Posting to the specific invoice will probably be preferable, but Manager will allocate automatically if you do not.

You do not need a suppliers’ control account. Suppliers are subaccounts of Accounts payable.

Manager is a double-entry accounting system, so every transaction will affect at least two accounts. The expense is posted when you create the purchase invoice and select the appropriate expense account.

Expense claims record purchases for the company by personal funds, such as when someone travels on their own credit card.

Dear Brucanna!

That helped and I was able to it.
Thank you!

Dear Tut,

I tried to follow all the steps that you mentioned but the problem remained the same.
Also, from what I was able to understand, you mentioned that Suppliers are a sub-account of Accounts Payable.
So, I tried to use the automatic allocated Accounts Payable and the invoices were not paid and the end result was the same.
BC Hydro = Supplier
Under Supplier tab, selecting BC Hydro, I do not have any other option besides providing a credit limit or, by selecting a starting balance, choose between Available Credit or Balance due.
In any of these options the values that are being paid to BC Hydro will show up as an equity on General Ledger.
I tried to move the Accounts Payable to Assets and the issue was kind of the same, the invoices still show as not paid but the value is no longer added to Equity.
I just don’t know exactly what to do here.
(and sorry for being so dumb on these matters but I have been trying to fix this for a week now)

Regarding the Monthly Payments, Is there any info that you would be able to provide me please?
As I had mentioned on my previous post, the only comments related to this subject were in those two links that I uploaded and they are not very explicit.

Thank you once again for all your help and patience!

When you make your monthly payment you should allocate it to accounts payable with the supplier as payee. This supplier will appear when you select accounts payable as the account.
When you receive the invoice enter it as normal. When you view that suppliers account under “suppliers” you will see your payments and invoices listed and any debit/credit balance will show.
Do not raise invoices for monthly payments.
Hope this will help.

Please understand that I did not provide a series of steps. The comments I made were points of information. They did not describe a process.

Payments to suppliers are not entered in the Suppliers tab. They are entered under Bank Transactions or Cash Transactions, selecting Accounts payable and the supplier’s subaccount as the account to which the transaction is allocated. Or they can be paid directly by viewing a purchase invoice and clicking on the Spend Money button, which takes you to the same place, but fills in most of the form for you.

This was wrong. Accounts payable is a liability account. Moving it just reverses the signs.

You were reading 2-3 year old posts. You would do better to read the Guides. Since those posts were written, recurring purchase invoices have been added to the program. See this Guide: Manager Cloud. The problem with using them in your situation is that amounts are likely to change from month to month.

It appears that all your troubles come from a simple misunderstanding. A purchase invoice only records the obligation to pay in Accounts payable. You must still pay the supplier in a separate transaction, allocating the payment to Accounts payable to offset the purchase invoice. Purchase invoices are for buying on credit. When you receive a bill from a utility company or a landlord and pay it immediately, it is generally easier to just enter a bank transaction and post it to the appropriate expense account directly. Half the work.

Dear Tut,

Thank you once again for your help and patience!

I have read the guide link and I was doing that already.
I just wasn’t aware of that situation with the Accounts payable, I thought that this was being paid automatically.
Since all my bank payments are automatically withdrawn with a pre-set specific amount and date, I was hoping to be able to have this same option reflected on Manager. These amounts are only adjusted once a year and they are recurring.
Are you aware of any feature similar to this that might be added to Manager in the future, one that will create automatic payment for utilities?
If not, do you think it will be possible to have this included in Ideas for future versions?

Anyhow, for now, I figured that it might be better if I just follow what you said and hope that I won’t mess this up again. (just being honest…)

Thank you!

Nothing in Manager will automatically pay bills. This is an accounting system. It records transactions. The amounts may very well be deducted from your actual bank account as an electronic funds transfer to the supplier. But there is no connection with Manager. You can either enter the payments manually or import your bank statement as a way of getting the transactions into Manager. Either way, the payments must be allocated to proper accounts.

If entering a direct payment (without going through the hassle of a purchase invoice) post to whatever expense account is appropriate. If importing, set up bank rules to do the posting for you.

You can set up recurring purchase invoices since your amounts are regular, updating them once per year. But all that does is notify you to create the purchase invoices, which in turn add to Accounts payable. You still have to enter the actual payment, either manually or by import.