Supplier Credit on summary sheet


I have a supplier holding a deposit for a utility service which I have entered under ‘supplier credits’.

However, on the summary sheet, the entry for ‘Supplier Credits’ listed under ‘Other Assets’ is left zero, and there is a negative entry for this amount for the entry ‘Suspense’ listed under ‘Equity’. I understand ‘Suspense’ captures unbalanced entries . . . but something doesn’t seem right here. I updated Manager this morning, and see the same behavior.

Does anyone know if this is correct?


The software is correct, but your procedure is probably not. The fact that the transaction ended up in Suspense suggests that you did not allocate it to an account properly.

First, the supplier must have been created under the Suppliers tab.

Second, you must Spend Money from a cash or bank account. When you do this, select the Supplier credits account and the subaccount for the supplier. Without the subaccount, Manager does not know where to allocate the transaction, so it goes to Suspense. Be sure you enter the transaction as a positive number, even though you are spending money. Manager makes all necessary sign conversions automatically.


Thank you - I hadn’t selected the sub-account (which should have been obvious since it was there but left blank)!

I appreciate you help. This is great software, and an excellent forum.