Payment to Accounts Payable goes to Suspense

I have set up a practice business in Manager. I made a payment to a supplier (which I have set up) to Accounts Payable, It is marked cleared but shows as being in Suspense on the summary and balance sheet, and nothing shows in Accounts Payable. Am I doing something wrong?

More likely just incomplete. Accounts payable is a control account and requires designation of the subaccount for the supplier (which you already set up). When you are entering your payment and select Accounts payable, a 2nd field appears in which you must select the specific invoice the transaction applies to. Without this, Manager can’t allocate to the correct supplier’s account, so it stores the transaction in Suspense.

Thanks. I’d never have found that.

When in doubt, your first resource is always the Guides. See Manager Cloud. The answer to your question is most of the way down that page. Welcome to Manager.