Supplier Credit link to Purchase Invoices

Apologies if there is an easy solution that i cannot see.

Is there any way of linking all purchace invoices that were paid in one transaction using supplier credits on bank account?
At the moment when i view the supplier credits payment transaction from bank account list it has the payee, description and total but no reference to which invoices the total refers to.

When you click on the blue 0.00 balance due figure for the purchase invoice on the purchase invoice tab (which was paid by the mentioned supplier credit transaction) then view the Automatic payment using available credit (Credit allocation statement) it gives you the list of all invoices, Excellent!

Could the same list of invoice numbers be applied to the supplier credits transaction from bank account list?
And also, could the transaction payment reference # be included when viewing the Credit allocation statement instead of clicking on the blue total. And also include any reference # numbers of any Debit notes included in the transaction.

Just tiny enhancements that make all the difference. :smiley:

Yeah, if you are using Supplier credits account, it’s a bit tricky to track down which invoices has been actually paid by the credit. I have some ideas to improve this.