Summary tab - Reference # and Transactions are not in order

Once select the account under the Summary tab, all the transactions shown are not in order according to the latest.

They are sorted by date, not reference number. To sort by reference, click that column heading.

Tut, the result is still the same once clicking the date heading.

Click the # heading, not the date heading, if you want to sort by #.

I think you have misunderstood my query. I am not speaking of doing sorting. Basically, when I click on the Summary Tab and then click on the Cash in Hand, it will display the list of Accounts under the Cash in Hand. For example, I choose Petty Cash (As shown in the picture above. I did not sort anything or click the heading. The picture is as it is once clicking on the Petty Cash Account), the order of the list is not according to the date or sorted to the latest transactions.

If I would go directly by clicking the Cash in Hand tab, the Petty Cash account would show the latest transaction first with the right order of reference #.

All my Summary tab drill downs are in date order. Your screenshot shows 25, followed by 22, 21.

It would appear that the Summary tab - Cash on Hand - Petty Cash drill down is using different listing/display parameters compared to the Cash on Hand tab - Petty Cash - click on balance listing/display. It would be good to have consistency between the identical listings/displays.

For comparison purposes, here are the screenshots of the Summary Petty Cash and the Petty Cash Account under Cash in Hand.

  1. Summary Tab - Petty Cash view

  2. Cash in Hand Tab - Petty Cash view

As you can see, under the Cash in Hand (pic #2), the Petty Cash is correctly placed according to the latest transaction. Any new transaction, the entry will be placed on the top. The ref # is the proof of the placement of the transaction. (Look at the Ref# 160424 & 160425 as an example)

However, under the Summary Tab (pic #1), as you can see, they don’t follow the latest transaction even though the transactions are held on the same date. The ref # are the proofs of the placement problem in comparison with the Cash in Hand Petty Cash view. The latest transaction goes below the previous transaction, and thus the balance at times become negative as a result. (Look at how the placement of the 160424 & 160425)


OK, fixed in the latest version (16.4.19)

Hi, is that issue resolved? I am facing same problem till now.

All your expense claims are in date order, with newest first. What is wrong with that?

Also, every transaction shown is erroneous, as all show in Suspense account. You did not select a posting account when entering the expense claims or had some other problem with every transaction, such as not designating a proper expense claim payer. Nothing should be in Suspense. See this Guide: