Listing of orders (entries) based on time

If we create an entry, the first entry will be posted on top and second entry automatically posted below that order and so on. Hence we are not in a position to mark proper reference number for the same as oldest number is placed on top. My suggestion is to list the same according to the creation time.

Any update regarding to this matter? Some entries become negative in the same date because of a wrong order in the list.

No updates received from development team so far. Still negative figures showing on a date which have entries more than two.Creating lot of confusion while preparing financial statements. Awaiting for a reply from developers. Entries in each ledger should have an option to arrange data in it, either in alphabetical order or with Reference No. order.

I suggest time based order. The first entry should be at the bottom to top.

@screamodies: Hope Manager is not maintaining any date or time stamp any where. But this is required for a proper maintenance of accounts.

@BibinMK, the latest version (15.6.10) will sort entries by date, then by reference on bank transactions screen. So if you are using reference field, the entries with the higher reference number will show higher on the list.

If there are any other sorting issues, let me know, I will deal with them one-by-one.

@lubos: Thanks for the urgent update through 15.6.10 version. Found that the error corrected on Bank Account transaction screen. Request you to do the same update on Cash Account transaction screen also.
@screamodies: Please check the recent update and suggest for any changes.

I actually improved cash transactions screen too. Perhaps you are not using any reference numbers on cash side?

Please find above picture recently tested on Cash Account on 15.6.10 version.
On Cash Account, both old data (16-Aug-2015) and new (23-Oct-2015) data are not sorted according to reference number. Cash receipt number can be used as reference number on Cash Account as Number and expenses as Special Character too i.e. 15-16/1.

Also tested Bank Account, I used Reference number as Number also Special Character for identifying expense voucher number as 15-16/1. Please find error highlighted on below images.

Image 2:

Suggestion: Sorting should be done firstly date-wise, category wise (i.e. Incomes on below & Expense entries on top) and lastly with reference wise. After rectification, the page should be as follows:

Please get back to me in case of any clarification for the rectification of this error.

I disagree strongly with this. Such a scheme might be reassuring to you when cash flow runs your account balance close to zero (or to any minimum-balance limit set by the bank). It might help you believe you have kept your balance in the positive range. But the bank will apply the transactions in the order received, and if payments are presented before deposits, you could end up with negative balances. This could trigger overdraft charges and interest penalties. The present scheme will more closely reflect accounting reality and the position of your business.

@Tut: My intention is only to avoid negative balance on Cash Account or Bank Account on a particular date with wrong arrangement of data. Final balance will be the same even if we follow any sorting method. Check my screenshots for better understanding of live data which I’m working on. Can u create few entries like mentioned above images and look for a permanent solution. I sure it wont lead to overdraft in bank account, because the sorting is arranged date wise. In cash account also no issues will occur.

@BibinMK, I think you are paying too much attention to inner-day balance which is not that interesting. I think the best solution will be to simply de-emphasize inner-day balances so they are not as visible as the closing day ones.

By the way, the latest version should have cash transactions sorted properly now.

@lubos: Thanks for the recent update (15.6.13). Checked and found OK. This issue log can be closed. Thanks for the speedy and accurate response. :grinning:

@lubos: I installed recent version (16.1.17). But if we click on ‘Account’ under ‘Asset’ group’s amount at Summary tab, the sorting mentioned on Ref. # section showing wrong in some cases even if its numeric. Please find step by step details.

Step 1: Clicked on “Cash on Hand” account under “Asset” group,

Step 2: Few reference numbers misplaced and showing wrong closing figures. There is no issue in ref # sorting if we select particular account from left tab (Bank Account or Cash Account).

Another issue found that, if we click on any amount on Income account under Summary tab, the figures showing as negative and in red colour. Also if we click any amount on Expense account, it showing in black colour with positive figures. It should be vice-versa. Pictures for the same attached for verification.

Fig1: Income account at Summary tab

Fig2: Expense account at Summary tab.

These issues should be fixed in the latest version (16.1.31)

Thanks for the timely update. Lightening speed response !!!