Stock location management


When are you going to add the warehouse management feature that allows users to choose the location to keep inventory purchased or manufactured? I am an accountant for a small firm that is having many sales points around the country. Often stock is moved from one location to another and some locations create their own inventory as well. The ability to account for the stock existing in these go downs/sales point/branches/showrooms will be very useful and will make Manager most likely competitive with any accounting software in the galaxy, because inventory is the most important asset to many trading entities.

All that must be done is, manufacturing and moving inventory from location to location must be done by users with privileges or administrative rights or access. Other users can only sell what is in that branch and also receive inventory from suppliers into only their branches.


Yeah, I know warehousing functionality is important for almost everyone who is using inventory. Even if you have just one physical location where goods are held, you still want to track goods purchased from suppliers which haven’t been received yet or goods sold to customers to yet shipped.

I’m not working on warehousing functionality just yet. Maybe next month.


Awwwww :expressionless: I pray it comes soon


I have used Inventory by making the name of the item a code for location ex. HDD/500/SG/Shelf/Rack
So HDD/500/SG/001/004 would be the name of the item also giving you the location.


I Understand your style, but that a long process. In built inventory management tool is the best


In your thinking on stock location management you might consider condition codes (unless already covered in the package). In my experience, knowing location of an item is great but also knowing that item is fit to be sold to customer is vital. I did inventory management in defense for many years, but the same in civil life - I remember that this was a very important aspect.

Just recently in our current business we had discovered some faulty items just before they were sent to customers. Obviously we separated faulty stock from the serviceable stock and sent the serviceable against orders. We then asked the warehouse to change condition code for faulty items to Quarantine - so everyone knew not to issue. once repaired, these items were changed on system to Serviceable again.

I guess it is possible to default everything to serviceable and to just change if other than serviceable if this arrises.

For what it’s worth these are the major condition codes:

  • serviceable
  • repairable
  • unserviceable
  • quarantine

Anyway, I will be looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


That’s specific use-case I’m not going to hard-code into the program. Once warehousing is implemented, you will be able to create virtual warehouse for each “condition” too.


Hi, any update on this?


Nope I don’t think @lubos is considering this right now though we need it badly