Sales Quotes

Would be nice, if we can change the language and currency of any sales quote,
I guess 3 currencies, Your local currency, euro and us dollar would be great.
Also sometimes you can send english quotes instead of your local language, would be nice if we can choose these inside the quote.


You can temporarily change the language under Preferences, but the change is global and cannot be made to apply only to one document. When you change back to your normal language, all documents will change back.

Currencies, however, are associated with customers. So if you want to provide a quote to a customer in multiple currencies, you need to create multiple versions of the customer with different currencies. You can certainly do this, because sales quotes have no financial impact.

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thnanks, i did not know that I can associate currencies to Customers. Thats great, thank you.

Would also be great, if I can associate languages to customers also :slight_smile: so that I do not have to change manually every time.

Also when I add an new custom field to Sales Quote, Line, it is really a one line but not paragraph.

Would be nice if I can add 2-3 sentences of information there.

Like for example I want to add fabric specs to this extra line I have created and I want to add below information there;

Fabric Name
Fabric Gramage
Fabric Combination (50%Cotton 50%Polyester)


Also what I would like at this Sales Quote is, I want to add bold characters to product names, and maybe a line between the quotes also would be nice.

I am just saying these things would really help us a lot. Thank you.

great, I have solved the line thing with themes;

You can do this without custom themes. All fields in Manager accept HTML code. You can also enter bold characters. So if you create a line item custom field and enter this:

<b>Line 1</b><br>Line2

you get a sales invoice that looks like this:

You can edit product descriptions in the invoice the same way:

39 AM

In fact, you could edit the descriptions of inventory items themselves so they always come up in boldface type.

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this is just great, thanks

I have added the inventory items to Manager but it does not show these at Quote or Invoice?
It only shows the description of them;

You need to read the Guides related to inventory items and sales invoices to understand what the program is supposed to do.

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