Suggestion for multiple bill of materials locations on production order

When I create a “Production Order”, I have the option to select the name and quantity of “Bill of materials”
If I keep a material in two different locations, how can I select from which location to reduce the quantity for the production?
Can anyone guide me?

For each item you create you can allocate a location. If you have difficulty knowing which location you should change the item names slightly so it is easier to identify.

@eko, I do not think that is a satisfactory solution. I see no reason why someone should create multiple versions of the same inventory item just because they store units at two or more locations.

@Shan, the program actually does allow you to select the location on production orders:

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 3.53.50 PM

Unfortunately, only one location can be selected. If you are drawing materials from more than one location, you would need to enter inventory transfers for those items coming from a location other than the one selected. I think you should be able to specify inventory locations on a line-item basis. I am going to put this into the ideas category with that objective. I will also edit the title.

Thank you @eko and @Tut for your prompt response,

@Tut I think the “inventory location” selection below the “bill of materials” is for the location of where the newly produced item goes, means if A+B=C, where the C goes.
please correct me if I’m wrong.
And thank you for put this into ideas thus @lubos may have a look at it and will do the needful.
I’m having another doubt on this production order, better I’ll create a new topic for it.