Production order with multi warehouse items

We are facing issue in production order, here in Manager, there is only 1 option for inventory selection of location.
practically we need to know available locations on raw materials as we are using multiple warehouse locations.

In production order, every item should have option to select Inventory location, i think it can be done from customs fields , but it will not effect actual inventory quantity from those warehouse locations.

We need to to know available raw material quantity and selected warehouses during creation of production order. Same will be good for creating invoices when single invoice contains stock from different warehouses.

other issue is , if inventory items/raw material is out of stock, we can still create production order, which is not right, actually now we have to check quantities then create Production order or create invoice.
there should be indication about selected material remaining quantity during invoice or PO creation. ( specially if an item is out of stock)

I know it is hard to add feature for 1 or few users only, i have an idea which might bet make i possible. if we are able to create customs fields which variable to call data from warehouse, i don’t think current custom fields can do that.

If developer can add option to create custom field and call value from database, software will too much flexible.


Custom field 1
Name = Inventory location
Value = {location_list}

Custom field 2
Name = Available Quantity
Value = {quantity_product_001}


This is covered by an existing idea.

So is this.

Why not? Many businesses do not order materials until they have a production order that will use it. The choice not to create production orders unless you have materials on hand is an internal management choice, not an accounting restriction.

This is not how the entire concept of custom fields works. Their purpose is for you to enter information, not extract information from the database. At any rate, your need would be met by the idea above.