Suggestion for Employee Report and payslip tab

I have searched the forum but I couldn’t find. it would be helpful if we could have a report like the customer report

Aging per employee
Employee statement unpaid
employee statement transaction

to do this it required improving the payslip and expense claim tab to show the status weather it is paid or not paid,

adding Copy To new Payment in pay slip tab which will copy all the unpaid pay slip and the we could delete unrequired pay slip and add the other.

What do you mean by “aging per employee?”

Payslips are neither paid nor unpaid. They are a mechanism to create obligations for the business to pay the employee, post expenses to designated accounts, as well as record liabilities for deductions and contributions. The obligations to pay employees are recorded in the Employee clearing account. The employee’s subaccount under Employee clearing account lists all transactions affecting an employee and gives the net balance. So it is incorrect to think of paying a payslip.

The same is true of expense claims entered for employees. They also create obligations for the company to reimburse the employee. You do not pay an expense claim. You settle the employee’s subaccount in Employee clearing account.

it is agreed on this

May we request at least a report where we could have the employee ledger that will show all the transactions related to his account.

I don’t know weather shall I open new subject or continue on this. when we print from the software using the browser tool to print the company detail will not show like in the report tab, and when we give for example to any external party he doesn’t know this paper for whome and which company. if the company information and appear in the printing we will not need the report.

If you drill down on the Employee clearing account from the Summary page and then on the employee, you can export the listing to a spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet, you can add any company and employee information you want. That would only take a couple minutes.

The reason exports are allowed from Manager is that it is impossible to predict every report in every format every user might want. The export feature allows users to create reports they like. Similarly, you can create custom reports. But in this case, an export would be faster.

It would be great if we could generate employee transaction from system instead of generating or preparing these report in excel

we really need a report where we have the option to print the report for specific employee where it show all the transaction in his account like Customer or Supplier transaction report

I would like to suggest below report
Summary Report same as Customer and Supplier Summary Report
Employee Transaction

current employee summary report meant to show the report for payslip. we are really looking for employee transaction summary. these report should be given to external and internal entity

looking forward to have these report as system generated since it will help us in generation reports for month end, able to give it to concerned employee same time

I would rename the subject to Suggestion for Employee Report

Employee reports can be generated via localizations, which may achieve what you want.

  • To understand the sort of things involved in doing this have a look at Localisation: GST/VAT worksheet programming guide
  • To see the sort of reports which can be generated have a look at Localizations for Australia in particular the PAYG payment summary — individual non-business, and Single Touch Payroll Worksheet. This is most easily done but creating a test business and importing the localizations.
  • Note this facility is likely to be enhanced at some time

what I understood from the Guide the Localization will not be able to generate

which it should be like

it should give us this result

in customs report we don’t have option where to choose opening balances

Go to Manager → “Summary” → “Employee clearing account” → Click on an employee’s balance →
the requested display is shown including Date, Debit, Credit, Balance → Print, copy, or click on “Export” → copy → paste into spread sheet or database

Or go to Manager → "Employee"s tab → “Paid in advance” or “Amount to pay” → Amount & Balance shown

Or wait and see what happens with localisations