Simplify employee reports


Can you allow us to generate simple credit/devit reports for our employees?

I understand you have fully functional payroll and payslip reporting system. But the current reporting system for eployees is too much detailed and it is hard to explain.

I want simple reports for employees that shows just debit and credit amounts for a specific time period. I guess adding this option will not be hard to implement since we already have such reports available for customers and suppliers.

I think you would find debits and credits harder to explain to employees than the current Employee Summary or Payroll Summary reports. They would be backwards from most employees’ expectations.

Are you are looking for something like a Supplier/Customer statement for Employees?

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Yes Exactly

I think it varies from business to business. For me, i have created a separate business file where i have added my employees as customers just for the sake of easy reporting.

Yes, I get you, but most users wouldn’t need it.

Combing entities which interact with Manager into a contacts list with check boxes to determine if each is in the employee, customer, supplier, expense claim payee list would achieve what you want but is not yet a forum “Idea” yet but has been suggested by multiple users Copy Customer to Supplier and vice versa - #2 by Patch

Your idea sounds great too. But I think it would require completely changing the data structure of how manager works.

What i am asking for doesn’t require any big changes. The employees table is already present with debits and credits. I just want those debits and credits reported the same way as the are for a customer or supplier.

So you want a report showing

Employee : xxxxx

Pay period 1 650.00
Paid dd/mm/yy 650.00
Pay period 2 650.00
Paid dd/mm/yy 650.00

Not sure what this will achieve - I am sure your employees can work out what they are owed and when

You do provide them with Payslips, I presume

Let me explain it with some pictures.

So Here is an employees account shown transactions for past two months.
How can i turn all of this data into a report?

When i go to Reports > Employee Summary. It shows only the payslips.

What i am looking for is a detailed statement that shows every credit and debit happened in a specific time period. Just like it does in a customers’s statement:

Why don’t you copy the employees account listing to a spreadsheet? That would be more informative to most employees than debits and credits. Or you could create a custom report for each employee.

It is not possible to get opening and closing balance in a custom report. Copying values for each employee to spreadsheet and filtering and formatting them takes too much time.

I think the option for such reports is already present in manager, you just have to make it available for employees.

You started by asking for debits and credits. Now you have added opening amd closing balances. What do you really want?

I want a report ‘Employee Statement’ that shows opening balance, closing balance and the transactions between them. Just like a customer’s statement.