Suggestion for custom field or notes field in Folders

Dear @lubos

I come again with this proposal. Why not apply “custom fields” also to Folders in order to store additional information linked to the documents stored in the database?


There are two types of custom fields:

  • Custom fields for individual forms
  • Line item custom fields

Only the first type could possibly apply, since there are no line items on a Folders form. The easiest way to implement this would be with a Notes field. Then no custom field would be required. The Notes field would accept HTML.

I’ll put this in the Ideas category.

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@lubos i think it would be better to have custom fields for form in order to have a better classification of the documents

I support additional information for Folders, and I don’t mind what form it takes (Notes field, or custom fields).

For the moment, just having a folder name is serving my purposes well enough.

Added to the latest version (17.10.37)

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@lubos thanks a lot

Excellent. Gives us room to further classify/describe folders in the future.