Suggestion for Additional Features

I have used Manager as a testing platform to see if it will fit my requirements, its looks fine and easy to use but it needs some fine tunning to make it more better and super.

  1. Example, if i copy a document to the next level, for example i copy Goods Recipt to Invoice, the Invoice number should be allocated automatically and i dont have to add, the grn number should be allocated automatically too and not be added manually, Only reference number should be available to be added so i can add the suppliers invoice number
  2. When i copy a document from the previous one, automatically the previous document should be closed and not allowing to be copied again to any next document, this will add more security on double entries
  3. when i want to add a purchase order or invoice or sales and the customer is not available, i should be able to click a link to add the name and dont have to close and go to customers/suppliers to add first before coming to select the customer/supplier and create invoice


Set this under Form Defaults. See

Manager would make no use of such information. Non-essential information is added with custom fields. See Or, you can use the supplier’s sales invoice number as your purchase invoice number. See

This would interfere with many useful purposes for copying. Many transactions can be copied to several different types of other transactions. And multiple copying allows easy creation of subsequent forms when orders are partially filled: only quantities need to be edited.

Open a second window to add the customer or supplier. Procedures vary by operating system. Search the forum for techniques. This has been discussed many times. In general, it is always good to read the Guides, then search the forum before starting new topics. Most questions have already been answered.