Suggestion: Customer Groups

It would help organize the type of customers.

e.g. PAYE customers, Syndney Customers and Prospective Customers…

Right I use custom field in customers as PAYE and show the column and when I am in customers view I just click on PAYE to sort the customers I need.

PAYE Customers - who/what are they ?
To group customers use the code field.
For Sydney Customers prefix with S or syd - syd001, syd002, syd003

When you created your custom field, did you make it a dropdown list? It seem like that would take care of all your needs.

@Brucanna That whay I am already doing.
@Tut I’ll try that.

My suggestion was if the customer group can be created in cascading list…

>[button] Sydney [click it will populate the list of customers]
>[button] PAYE
>[button] Prospective
Like the SHOW INACTIVE button on the bottom right in customer list window

All lists can be sorted in either direction. All lists can be searched. All can be exported. What you suggest is simply a different way to do what can already be done, but one that would be inconsistent with the way the program works.

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