Suggestion - current version being used

I view the forum daily and many of the queries are because the person is not using the current version. As a suggestion, when we come to write our query on the forum page could a window appear reminding to download current version and double check that problem still exists?
Just a thought.

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Actually what would be better is to have an upgrade reminder on the program to let people know that there is a new update. Its better to irritate the people who never update the program than to update everyone on the forum many of whom update the program.

I agree with your idea because a lot of people never think to update the program first. But I would actually add an update checker to the program with a fortnightly reminder to update the program.

Actually a popup of some sort might be useful for pointing people to the guides. I have noticed quite a few questions that are asked where the answer is in the guides!

I would prefer maybe a monthly upgrade reminder or only when there is something significant, like a key feature or bug fix.

I think that might be a good option your suggestion. We don’t want too frequent nag reminders to update the program.