Purchase Invoice - Spend Money

When using the Spend Money option in the Purchase Invoice section, it would be great if the descriptions could be auto-filled to match the Purchase Invoice details.

It’s a direct correlation of the invoice so could reasonably be pre-filled.

I noticed another post talking about auto-selecting the bank account if you only have one account. I only have one bank account, but perhaps a better solution would be a config setting to select the default bank account - which would benefit people with one or more bank accounts.

If both of these suggestions were done, paying money could be as simple as selected the invoice, press pay money, quick visual check, click Create. Less tedious than currently having to select bank, check the description you used previously, writing it out again, and copy and pasting it to the second description field, then clicking Create.

Anyway, still evaluating. Visually beautiful software. Gradually getting my head around the operational processes. Keep up the good work.

I don’t plan to have description auto-filled but if you leave description field empty, when viewing the transaction, it will show automatically generated description based on item, account or invoice selected.

I think this is a good idea.

Ok, Good to know. Thanks.