Strange behaviour slaes-invoice

One of the Dutch users detected strange behaviour in Manager.
When he creates a sales invoice with one line, it doesn’t show the G/L-accountname on the invoice. When he creates a two-line sales-invoices, the corresponding G/L codes are printed on the sales-invoices. I got his backup and I tried to repoduce it in my test-company but with no luck and I can’t detect how to solve this problem.
See screenshots. Anyone any idea how to solve:


Hennie Eerhart.

Can you post the Edit screens of the invoices?

My guess is that it’s because the second item doesn’t have anything in the description field. Instead of displaying a blank line for the item without a description, Manager calls up the account to have some kind of identifier.

Thanks Graham, Your answer is the key to the solution. I have entered some kind of description and the problem was solved. Great.

Manager is trying to be “too smart” but I’ve come to realization it’s better if users have choice to control which columns should be visible rather than the program deciding for them based on some arbitrary rules.