STP Finalise employees

How do i finalise employees for the end of year STP report?

Refer to the instructions from the ATO:

@perthsparky if you are using to lodge STP data, then you do STP finalisation directly on their website.

It can also be done via the csv file upload. In the last pay event of the year, either

  • when you initially submit it or
  • as a subsequent update event (defined by setting W1 and W2 to “0” in the csv file)

To finalize employees pay for the year

  • The CSV file has a heading “Final EOY pay indicator”. The field is normally left blank. Replace it with “Y” for all employees you want to finalize.
  • When you upload this file SingleTouch will summarize the number of employees finalized for the year.
  • Check all the listed totals are correct for the year
  • Submit the file via SingleTouch to the ATO as usual

You can also contact and they will email you a three page instruction document how to complete it within their website. You have to change a setting from “period” to “year end” plus do other actions. They don’t seem to have a direct finalisation button.