Stock Write Offs & Inventory Movement Report


First let me say this is a great piece of software and so far has been easy to use. I have a couple of questions regarding the stock quantity movement report. I have written off one item of inventory and expected it to show up as written off in the report. However, when I run the report it is showing as a sale rather than a write off. Prior to going through the stock write-off screen I used a journal to make the movement between the inventory and expense account. However, once I found the write-off screen I deleted the journal and used the correct screen. My questions are, why is the write off showing as a sale of items rather than what it actually is? If I’ve made a monumental error in how I’ve done this could you also tell me what I should have done and how to correct this please? Many thanks.


Check the latest version (15.0.45) which includes “Write-off” column on “Inventory Quantity Movement” report. Previously write-offs were offsetting purchases. Now they are separated.


Hi Lubos, thanks for the info. I’ll do that today.


Hi Lubos, that worked perfectly. I can see the write-off on the report now. Thanks very much for your help.