Exclude Zero Balances on Inventory Quantity Movement Report

Hi everyone

Few months back, I used this report to know all the articles sold by month. But now, all articles from my inventory are appearing in this report (Doesn´t matter if it has NO movement). That makes this report very extensive.

It would be nice to add the possibility to add the button ´´Exclude Zero Balances´´on Inventory Quantity Movement Report.

I have cloud version: 19.6.33

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The change was made because so many users complained the report did not show all items. They wanted to be able to see which inventory items were not moving. So far, you are the first to complain about the change. I’ve put this into the ideas category.

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Thank´s @Tut.
It should be a good idea to add this, so users can decide what they need. :wink:

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when lubos implented the 0 qty items to be shown in the report he wrote:

I am using the desktop version and the Inventory Quantity Movement Report already excludes items that have a zero balance and no movement for the period selected. (That is: zero starting balance, zero movements, zero ending balance - item not reported).

It does list items that have a starting balance and have no movements and in my opinion this is essential for this report. Prior to the most recent changes to this report it did not do this.

It would be OK though to have a tick box option to “Exclude all items with No Movement” for users wanting to eliminate these to make it easier to analyse items sold during a period.

This is useful but, sometimes I only need to see the articles WITH MOVEMENT in my selected period. I print this report almost daily and it is very extensive because I have articles with starting balances.

Exactly, this would be an excellent idea!

I can see there is a valid use case to have it both ways.

In the latest version (19.6.46) both reports have been renamed to:


And there is new checkbox on both of them.



thanks @lubos i know we always ask for more, but is possible to inclute the locations in that report ?
a dropdown option with selectable ones and default all locations ?

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