Stock end restriction

in manager is this possible stock end restriction .?

spouse an item is end in inventory then invoice of this item is not generate.

Your question is not clear. Are you referring to an inventory item you no longer carry? If so, make it inactive as described at the end of this Guide: If you are referring to the idea that Manager would not allow you to sell an item that is temporarily out of stock, that is not possible. Many companies sell items they do not currently have in stock and then order from their suppliers or manufacture them.

Ok and thanks Tut

But Can Manager show Stock Level During Invoicing It Is a useful thing.

You could open a second window and display stock levels there

This question has been discussed many times in the forum. Search for it, and read about options.

Dear joe i m doing this already(2nd window option) but it a lot wastage of time.

Dear Tut,

If we sell stock in negative stock level then what about our profit criteria.?

may be negative sell damage our profit of margin and ROI.?

What you think.? please rply

Profit margin is not based on quantities, whether in stock or back-ordered. The values affecting profit calculations are sales amount and the average cost of the goods when sold.