Warehouse / inventory movement tracker

I can’t wait for the warehouse manager feature to be released. I need it really soon. It will reduce my work load by 40%. Can you please give me an idea when it will be available?


Warehousing functionality will take a few months before added. I don’t have any better ETA at the moment.

Hello Lubos, do you have any arrival time idea of the warehouse functionality? That all I need now to take my work to the next level.

We are in December now and I just want to know the progress with Warehouse management.
Thank you for your amazing application

Waiting for multiple warehouse management and movement of stock between warehouses feature. Can you ( @lubos ) please give an ETA?

Also wondering if there is a timeframe on warehouse management functionality, as it would be of benefit to our operations.

Please don’t take this as us being pushy - we would just like an idea of when it might be expected. We appreciate there are many demands on product development, and Manager is going from good to great. This would be nice to have so we can do away with spreadsheets that get out of synch with physical stop numbers and movements.

We can continue as we have been doing but staff are interested in knowing when we might expect a more integrated solution.
cheers and keep up the excellent work.


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Hopefully it will be added soon. I however think that it is going to be one of the most challenging features to add to our dear Manager by the creator @lubos.

The features may be added gradually and perfected over a year or something. We can start with ability to create locations where inventories can be transfered, a location can even be named ‘on transit to Warehouse’. During Manufacturing orders we may select the location where the inventory will be stored, and during sales of inventory items we may select the locations where the items are being sold from e.g from fifth floor or from room 5. During purchases we may select the locations where they will be received as well.We can start with this.

I see the warehouses have been in progress for some time. I suggest the team behind Manager takes a look at InFlow Inventory or Carta. Their warehouse location management is extremely easy and straight forward. I could even give you access to my account if you contact via PM.

A few ideas which they use that could get the ball rolling:

  • On Inventory page, have location picker with “all, location 1, location 2, etc”
  • Transfer items between warehouses using a simple screen similar to inventory write-off screen
  • When creating POs and SOs, add a location field next to SKU so we know which one we’re picking. That allows for an SO with items from multiple locations.

To be honest, there is currently NONE decent accounting software that handles inventory and locations as well as InFlow. If you get this implemented (not hard if you just study their app for 1 hour), you will be the only accounting software provider that also has a robust warehouse management built right in. You’d beat Quick Books, Xero, Freshbooks, Zoho etc to the punch.