Step by step wizard for accounting setup

It would be much easier if there would be a step by step wizard for setting up books which is necessary to establish proper accounts and reports.

I don’t think first-time setup wizards are good idea. Look at Quickbooks, they have this massive first-time setup wizard that gives new users nothing but anxiety. So new users often let the paid consultant complete it for them.

And even if you complete the wizard yourself, then you wonder how do you change your answers since you’ve realized you misunderstood some questions or made some mistakes. Well you can’t. The wizard is gone.

Now compare that to Manager. You start the empty accounting file. It has some default data. If you change something or add some new data, you know where to go to edit or undo your choices. No anxiety. Not to mention, lack of wizard means, you can do the setup your way (some users like to start with chart of accounts and opening balances, others like to setup list of their customers, suppliers or inventory items first etc.)