How to start

Please I need help. How do I get started from the scratch. I mean step by step guide on how to get started until the whole account are properly set and ready for use.

Have you read the guides? A link to them is next to the Forum at the of this web page.
Which edition - Desktop, Cloud or Server?
What do you mean from scratch? Where have you got to so far?
Without more information no one would know where scratch starts from

Yes, by all means, read the Guides. All of them. Then create a test company and start playing games. (You can have as many companies as you want.) If you know little about double-entry accounting, get started at You will absolutely not be able to understand Manager if you don’t understand the basic principles of double-entry accounting. You might stumble along and think you are doing fine, because the shortcuts are so helpful. But you will eventually get into trouble. I strongly recommend that you not put your real information in until you understand how to use the tool. Good luck.

The only way to learn how to use any accounting program is read the guides above, then to download, install it and create a test company and play with options - do dummy transactions until you understand how it works. Every business is different so your needs will differ from everyone else - so its nots something that someone online can show you.

Do the basics like sales quotes/invoices and purchase invoices etc and spend and receive and you have got the general idea. Consult an accountant for tax advice as well as how to handle dividends, loans etc in Manager as Capital Accounts etc can be confusing. An accountant is not expensive and will actually save you money in the long run.

Manager is actually an incredibly simple program to use, but you still have to spend time using the software and trying out different options to see how it all works.

Ok thanks a lot.