When I want to do anything in de application I get this message error: STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN.

I tried to download the latest version and to restart the laptop but nothing helps.

I use the program 6 years now and never had this problem before.

I hope there is a solution.

Kind regards,

Welcome to the forum @Dianne

You could start by giving more information such as:

  1. Version and Edition of Manager
  2. What operating system you are using
  3. What browser you are using
  4. A full screenshot of the error message/screen

This is not really a Manager but a Browser and your systems issue.

Thank you for your reaction. I will try to solve it.

Kind Regards,


please do as asked here

All Manager errors are bugs, but browser errors maybe unrelated to Manager. Without the full error report, it is not clear which applies in this case.

Please note that STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN error messages can not derive from Manager and are problems with the Browser unrelated to Manager. Search the internet and you will see this is a real issue with various browser, especially Edge and Chrome. You can try some of the solutions offered such as with Microsoft Edge at and Chrome & Edge at Chrome error status_stack_buffer_overrun and shuts down chrome. - Google Chrome Community

I do not know every error message Manager and it’s component tools can produce. Which is why I requested the full error report.

If you really know every error does not contain the reported fragments then perhaps it’s not necessary. Note just because one software program has stack buffer errors doesn’t mean other programs can’t also. Particularly as that’s a very common software component.

@Patch you abbreviated my response. I did not say:


That is the crucial difference!