Getting System Stack Overflow Exception

This is strange and I have come across this error for the first time. I have been using Manager for long.

The error is a long sequence of following lines
“System.StackOverflowException: The requested operation caused a stack overflow.
at System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches (System.String input, System.String pattern, Re”

It comes under Sales invoices while clicking view option.

Kindly help.

I’m on Debian Linux (Jessie) using Manager 17.12.21.

This seems to be quite pesky error. I tried the following and all of them didnt’ work…

  1. Reinstalling the same version.
  2. Removing latest version and installing previous version of Manager
  3. Removing business and adding it back using backup
  4. Deleting all the files in .local/share/Manager and restoring them back from a backup
  5. Installing a very old version of Manager (This effectively refused to understand latest records and showed only old records.)

Please confirm if this is fixable or I have hit a road block and new orders are coming up and I can’t create invoices.

I am no expert but that looks to me like a problem with the version of Mono - suggest that you look into that as a possible cause and maybe a subsequent fix…

Thank you very much! I uninstalled and install Mono-devel from the Mono site, that did the track. The invoices are properly visible now. Appreciate your help.