Status in Sales Invoice shows Paid when it's not


I’ve been facing a weird issue in the recent releases.

The status of Sales Invoices for certain customers shows ‘Paid’ when in fact they’re not.

The customer’s ledger balance shows the correct total outstanding amount, but their sales invoices don’t reflect the correct status.

Is anyone else facing the same issue?

It might be you receive a payment for other invoices. Since it is not allocated specific invoice the system will close old invoice first

It is recommended to match the received payment with the relevant invoices

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Does it mean some other invoices are unpaid instead? If customer has outstanding amount to pay, it means some invoices are unpaid.

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When possible, I match the payment to the invoices, but sometimes it’s not possible to do so.

Earlier, this wasn’t an issue - payments used to automatically get allotted to whatever invoices were pending for payment and show correct balance amounts.

Now, the ledger balance shows that they have balance amount pending, but in their sales invoices, all invoices show as paid.

Yes, their invoices are unpaid, but it doesn’t show that correctly.

I think you need to show some screen images to get further assistance

This is still true. What changed several months ago is the ability for an invoice to be overpaid when excess payment has been specifically assigned to it. That can leave another invoice unpaid which might previously have had the excess roll forward to it. Read about that here:

So a customer’s overall account can be correct while some invoices remain unpaid. But such overpaid invoices show as such in the Sales Invoices tab, so they are easy to identify. Have a look for those.

If this is not the problem, then you do need to illustrate your situation as @Joe91 suggested.

Alright, here goes. Company has been renamed to ABC.

First, the ledger view. They have an outstanding of AED 1,302,510.52 which is shown correctly.

They have 40 invoices in total. When I go into their invoice view, this is what is shown.

The balance due in the Invoice view shows AED 176,296.52 which is incorrect.

I hope this is clear now? Please let me know if you need anything more from my end.

As you have shown, you have overpaid invoices. Fix them.

OK, I fixed the overpaid invoices. I also removed the specific payment receipts being assigned to specific invoices so that the software can automatically assign payments to whatever invoices it wants to for the customer.

Album here -

In the invoices view, the total balance due for the customer still shows AED 176,296.52. How’s that possible when I’ve created receipts properly for the customer and the ledger balance is showing the correct outstanding amount figure?

I’m sure I’ve not assigned any receipts accidentally to this customer or their invoices because that would affect the outstanding amount in my ledger too. Am I missing something here?

You need to click on the 1,302,510.52 to see how it is made up

Have you got an opening balance for this customer?

It is difficult to follow your narrative because of the terminology you are using. You initially referred to “the ledger view,” and “their invoice view.” What do you mean? The screen shots you show are from the (1) Customers tab listing, (2) a drill-down on the Accounts receivable column (within the Customers tab) for customer ABC, and (3) a drill-down on the Invoices column (also within the Customers tab) for customer ABC.

You then refer again to “the Invoice view,” but simultaneously mention a balance due, which is not included in the Invoices drill-down listing you seemed to be calling the invoice view previously. That comment seems more appropriate to what you might see if drilling down from the Sales Invoices tab list on an individual cusotmer’s balance.

So please, in explaining your question, describe exactly where you are looking and how you got there. A safe approach is to refer to the page tag, which appears in gray if you activate the Learn how to… switch at the bottom. For example, this is the tag for the sales-invoices page:


So far, you have not shown anywhere the program gives any sort of balance for ABC as AED 176,296.52. So, despite what you have written, you have not actually illustrated any problem. Show us numbers that disagree.

While this will work, it was unnecessary and might lead to future problems, depending on what other transactions you enter. It is always good practice to specify receipts for individual invoices, when they are known. Your problem was that you specified excess receipts for two invoices.

@maneck, what version are you using? If your version is lower than 19.1.18, can you upgrade? If it’s higher than 19.1.18 then it would be great if you could send me your file to and I will look into this.

@Tut Apologies for my terminology - I have absolutely no Accounting background and have learnt it on my own so I may not know the appropriate terminology. You are correct about what the screenshots refer to.

My only issue is that the amount in the Accounts Receivable column in customers for ABC (AED 1,302,510.52) doesn’t match the amount in Total Balance due in sales-invoices (AED 176,296.52). In my opinion, if my logic is right, they should match? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Correct, but that isn’t my main issue. My issue is that in reality, there are upaid invoices for the customer, but are showing as paid in sales-invoices. If I’ve accidentally assigned other payments to this customer’s invoices then this should reflect in Accounts Receivable for the customer as well.

@lubos I’m using 19.2.42.

Yes, this customer has an opening balance of AED 1,126,214.00. I guess that explains the difference.
AED 1,126,214.00 + AED 176,296.52 = AED 1,302,510.52.

In sales-invoice I guess the receipts are automatically assigned to unpaid invoices and don’t consider the opening balance of the customer.

the possible answer to your problem would be in the below guide.

read the below part in the guide.

@sharpdrivetek Yes, I think this feature got added in earlier versions which is what I’m looking into now. I had set starting balances earlier by just using Journal Entries which I may now need to rectify.

@maneck please follow the guides as much as possible because that is how Manager functions. you have the choice to enter the unpaid invoices in Manager either as a single invoice or separate invoices.
check if that solves your problem and revert.

Yes, that solved the problem - I don’t know when this feature for starting balances got added but I’ve to migrate everything to it now properly. Thanks a lot everyone and apologies for the confusion.

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