Receipts TAG on automatic invoice did not paid invoices

Why my receipts tag to automatic invoice do not paid the invoices, it is still shows in the unpaid invoices

It is not possible to answer your question with the information you have furnished so far.

First, you need to show full screen shots. We don’t know what periods the statements you show cover, because you’ve shown only portions of the reports. And we don’t even know what type of transactions your last two screen shots show. Show full screens.

Second, if your last two screen shots show receipts for which you did not designate sales invoices, the program posted the receipts against earlier unpaid invoices. But we cannot see that, because you have not shown us earlier sales invoices. And, as already mentioned, we don’t know what periods the statements cover. We also don’t know the dates of those transactions. Again, show full screens.

Third, you need to explain what a “Refund” is. Presumably, you renamed some type of transaction, because there is nothing in Manager named refund. It is impossible to tell how the so-called “refunds” could have interracted with the Accounts receivable ledger for this customer.

The date of statement are from beggining period upto latest.
As you can see on the statement, amount debited from 3/10/2020, 4/10/2020, 5/10,2020, 6/5/2020 totaled 3,450… and receipt on 6/5/2020 on the credit side of 3,450… transaction shows the balance of zero, However on the second statement that is the report of unpaid invoices… so why the invoices of 4/10/2020, 5/10,2020, 6/5/2020 was still unpaid…the last screenshot shows how I record the receipt the date is the same with the statement transaction.

regarding the refund, the manager automatically called it refund… the transaction actually is the customer borrowed funds to us, so upon cash outflow, recorded on Payment we record it as Accounts Receivable, those invoices are interest…

This is the relationship of the screenshots

Here are the full screenshot of the statement, Transactions and unpaid invoices

Uploading: Full screenshot.PNG…

Then it should go to a loan asset account not Accounts receivable.
Accounts receivable is for receipt of invoiced amounts.

I don’t bother with refund, it is not the issue I raised… my problem are those invoices that supposed to be paid but it is still unpaid

Accounts receivable automatic invoice allocation will not work as desired if you do not use it as it is designed to be used.

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