Starting balances for fixed assets

I just updated to
V20.6.15 and I have put my fixed assets in

if I click on Acquisition cost it does not give me anywhere to enter so I go to starting balances and click on Plant and Equipment and I still can not put opening balances in .I set the date as . So where have I gone wrong

I also had to make my own accounts payable and recivable I thought they happened automaticaly as soon as you set a start date. I also dont have tax payable or anything like that

Have you tried

Gosh I only down loaded the update this morning Ha Ha
Thank you @Patch will stop and redown load

I still dont see anything v 20.6.22

Ok got accounts payable and receivable by putting in a customer name and a supplier name but what about tax payable and my fixed assets

Sorted it out redown loaded and its there

I can not seem to find tax payable

Cool I got it I did not know we also had to set an account for the gst rates untill I searched the guide for Tax payable