Splitting invoice among multiple customers

I would really appreciate it if you could help me to find the solution how to split invoices between two customers.

I am running a childcare business and faced the problem where I need to split invoices between parents and, for example, local authority or parent’s employer. At first I thought it would be easy - simply to invoice two different customers, but later realised that it is a bit challenging.

For example, Child A attends preschool for 200 hours in term 1 but the local authority subsidising 150 hours. I cannot invoice a parent just for 50 hours as I need to show on the invoice all hours attending, all 200 hours. I create invoice to parent and make two rows sales 50 non funded hours ( at my unit price) and 150 funded hours (at zero unit price). At the same time I create the invoice for Local authority for 150 hours. It seemed to be OK so far but now one of my parent asked me to join childcare vouchers scheme and her employer would like me to invoice a certain, fixed amount each month to the company and then the balance to parents. I cannot show this “discount” on parent invoice, as in the case with local authority payments, because I simply cannot connect this agreed amount to quantity or unit price and not to the discount (%).

My question is - is it possible to create a discount option on the invoice but not related to %.

I think I found the solution to discounts. I have created “Sales discounts” in Income and simply add the amount as minus in the parent’s invoice. Is it correct?

Yes, that’s perfectly fine.