Customer payments in installments

I have a customer with 5 invoices for total of 500 EUR

The customer gave me 250 last week, then reminding 250 this week. Is there any other way than “Split” his money to payment for invoices so I can just record 250 received from that customer and have amounts to invoices automatically allocated?

Right now, payments need to be matched against invoices individually. This is based on the lowest common denominator that many businesses simply operate that way.

I’m planning to add quicker way so you will be able to enter how much you’ve received from a customer and the system will automatically suggest proper entries for you.

Do we have any news about this?
(or a plan to make it?)

Thank you

I have same problem and want solution of it. Have you already upgrade this???

I just found topic and it is solution to my question. Thanks

Yeah, this has been already implemented. You can match receipts from customers against their credit account and Manager will automatically allocate the credit among unpaid invoices.

Thanks, i created a credit note against the customer and the problem was solved