Spliting up the forum

I think you should split up the forum to 3 topics
1 Tech stuff
2 Accounting stuff
3 Chat stuff.
My reason I really wanted to put a comment about how I have just discovered tracking codes and it is great!! it does just what I want it to. but did not want to waste everyone’s time but if we just had a chat stuff section I could of put it in there :smile: Also Have just discovered the partners site and their tutorials are great

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I agree. I mentioned the something similar a couple of weeks back - Breaking up the forum

except I was thinking of “bug report”, “how do I do this”, “feature request”

I think that @lubos will eventually implement some kind of categorisation within the forums as the forum topic numbers is growing and it would make it easier for him to track bug reports, feature requests apart from accounting queries. But at the moment I think he wants to finish certain jobs on his list first.

I don’t think this forum is too busy to justify splitting into categories yet.

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I was actually surprised it was not split into about 3 categories on my first visit.

Or you can just comment on the original topic of tracking codes as a comment, and not creating a topic for every thing…