Splitting amounts

My heading is probably not very self explaining sorry.
Wondering if this can be done directly in manager at the moment I export all reports to excel and split there.
But I do a few rental accounts and where husband and wife are joint owners of the building I have to do 2 separate tax returns. So I import their bank statement to manager and code it to the right places. but when I file the tax return I have to split everything 50%. Wondering if there was a way to split the amounts or the best way to do it in manager so maybe the P&L at least has 2 columns for each with 50% split.
Hope I have explained this clearly

Use tracking codes and enter two lines for each transaction. Use the calculation feature to determine the amount for the first line, then duplicate that for the second.

OK thank you :grinning: will give it ago I haven’t use the calculated feature yet just 2 questions do I manually duplicate the 2nd line or can this be done automatically and can this be done from bank rules

You have to do it manually, so after performing the calculation, just add a line and duplicate the entries in each field. Note that you may have to round the second line so the overall transaction equals what was spent or received. The Guide on calculation is here: https://www.manager.io/guides/18222.

To do this with bank rules, you would need to edit the transactions before clicking the Bulk Update button. But you will have to edit to add the tracking codes anyway, since you cannot currently include tracking codes in bank rules. So do it then. (Coincidentally, there was an article on using Batch Update to add tracking codes in the recent newsletter.)

Thank you for your help. I think I will stick to my excel spreadsheet as it has VBA to convert the expenses negative numbers to normal numbers and to make 2 columns and split the amounts between the 2 columns at a % I pick. So all I have to do is copy each report from manager to the clipboard and paste into my spreadsheet and click the button which also saves it as the client in the client folder so I have a copy saved for each client.