Spend Money in Cash Account hangs on Create

Using Desktop version 15.7.19 on Mac. When I Create a Spend Money entry in a cash account, the screen returns to the full transaction list but the entry does not appear. If I go Back, the Create button has a ‘waiting’ graphic. It never resolves. The entry appears correctly in the destination Account but fails to appear in the Cash Account.
Anyone else noticed this?

Try to upgrade to the latest version. A lot of bugs have been fixed since 15.7 version.

Thanks, I just did that and the problem remains. I’ve also noticed that the problem only happens if the date on the entry is earlier than this calendar year.

OK, I think it’s sorted. I didn’t realise the list when you click on View the Cash Account is not exhaustive - you need to click on the Closing Balance figure to get the whole list. Only the latest ones appear on the first list andf I’m entering old numbers.
My bad - sorry to waste anyone’s time.