Sorting tabs with Inactive Items

In the Inventory Items the default despaly is now based on the item name:

However, I need to see the list based on the item code, and when click on Item Code what I get to see is also all the deactivated items, which is not really relevant:

Can this be like before so that the deactivated items appear after all the active items?

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I have moved this post to its own topic since it was not related to the Edit Columns function.

That aside, I see some value in what you propose but Iā€™m not sure whether its feasible to put in ideas. I will defer this one to @lubos.

Anyways, are you suggesting that any sorting should keep inactive items displayed last or that the user could filter out inactive items? Or any one of those would work?

Fixed in the latest version (

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As the Edit Column provides more flexibility and personalization options, is it possible to add the function of choosing which column is the default column for ordering? It is a bit annoying to have to click on Item Code every time to get the listing based on that field.

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but now in the list of Inventory Items the Purchase Price of Inventory Items is indicated by default in the base currency. However, when a company imports the Purchase Price would be in forex. Before the purchase price was just a number without any currency attached to it. Can this be changed back? It would actually be even better to be able to choose a currency for each Inventory Item.

This issue does not affect Purchase Orders and Invoices as the Purchase Price is changed automatically from the base currency to the one used for the specific Supplier.

I think if Code field is used, it should be sorting by code and then by name for everyone by default. I will be rectifying this very soon.

I want to add ability to set auto-fill prices in different currencies.

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@lubos any update on this?