Inactive Inventory & Price List

@lubos Is it possible to have a checkbox in the Inventory Price List report to exclude Inactive Items?

Delete the sales price and the item will be suppressed in the Inventory Price List.

While that works, I do have over 300 items that are currently inactive.
I just thought it would be easier if there was a choice.
As well as that, I have items that are active and do not have a constant sell price so the sales price is not entered until they are invoiced/sold. I would like those to appear on the list.
Still interested in what @lubos thinks.

You can zero out prices on those in a couple minutes with Batch Update.

How do you expect a price to show if you don’t have one?

For what you want, exporting the exporting the Inventory Items tab would provide the information. Items would be listed whether they have prices or not. And inactive ones would be at the bottom.

While your suggestions will work, what is wrong with my suggestion?
your comment

is, in my opinion rubbish…we have other reports that have a “Don’t show zero balances” button?

Inventory price list is another report which is better to be served by custom reports.

This is how it could be done currently to filter out inactive items.

The only issue is that Sales price column shows total which really makes sense in this context.

Thank you. Did not see the ‘Where inactive is not checked’ option when I was playing around with the custom reports.
This works a treat.