Sorting by invoice status on sales invoices tab

Thanks a lot for the software. It is very useful.

Please allow me a remark according to my own usage.
The previous version i use only displayed the outstanding invoices (and not the paid ones) as well as the days until the expiry of each invoice.
Now in version it is not so functional to copy and paste the invoices. You need to clear the paid off and you can’t know how much time is left until it expires.
I would ask you to take a look and maybe in a newer version you can improve it.

Thank you very much.

In the latest version (23.3.21), column Days to due date was just added.

Invoices are currently sorted by issue date rather than Status. But you can still have Unpaid invoices show at the top if paid invoices are Closed.

There is a button in bottom-right corner Batch open or close invoices that can help you to identify which invoices are paid and thus can be closed in bulk.

Can you try both features and see whether it makes your workflow better?

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Thank you so much. I just give it a try. Very helpfull. :blush: