Some Improvement Request

  1. Now manager is showing a transaction like “Late Payment Fees” on customer statement page. It would be better if it shows the late payment fee with the invoice no (for that the late payment fees generated. This will help to understand the transaction for which the late payment fees applied.

  2. Please add a new variable (Accounts receivable - customer) for sales invoice. It will help to get the total due for a customer after a particular invoice.

  3. Please allow custom templates for as much as possible case (like Sales order, payment, Credit note)

Thanks for this wonderful Manager software.

This is not the purpose of a sales invoice in accounting. An invoice reports a specific obligation and the circumstances which created it. What you ask for is the purpose of the customer statement. They should not be confused or mixed.

@Tut I agree with you. This is not for showing in sales invoice. Actually I have used a hyperlink on sales invoice using custom template that ref to a sms gateway http call using get method. When I click on the hyperlink on sales invoice (after creation a sales invoice) that make a url call to that gateway for sending sms. Now I am able to send message to that customer using invoice no, total, amount etc. It would be better if I also send them total due for that particular customer.

Fixed in the latest version (16.2.4)

The main issue is that this variable is not static. It changes. Should the variable hold the amount due as of invoice date? Or as of today? For this reason I suggest to use customer statements to give customer summary what they owe if there are more invoices.

This will be implemented in upcoming months. The reason why I’ve done it only for invoices was to learn what works and what doesn’t. There are still some issues I’m ironing out.

@lubos Thanks for your help.