Interest On Customer Statement

Is there a way i can add say 2.5% on the customer’s statement on late payments?
If it is possible can you please add it to manager

This is not that easy yet. The only way to do it is to issue new invoice or add 2.5% charge on the existing invoice.

I will investigate in a month or two more streamlined approach since I consider this to be pretty common business practice. If you’ve used similar feature in other accounting software previously, let me know how it was implemented there and I’ll look into it.

@lubos could you please add this feature into the recurring invoices.

Late fees were added as a feature quite some time ago. See the Guide at Manager Cloud.

Yes it was added but its not available when you create a recurring invoice. It is there when you create new sales invoice. Even when you copy to new recurring invoice its not available. This would be what @madhu is referring to.

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@madhu, added to the latest version (15.5.14)

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Thank You @lubos @durkpotgieter and @Tut