Small nuisances


I really appreciate your efforts developing, maintaining, and supporting Manager.

There are a couple of minor nuisances I would like to note, that would be lovely to get considered.

I am using the Linux desktop version, latest version.

1. Form field sizes

The input fields seem to have a fixed size, regardless of values and screen size.

It would be nice if you could customize form field sizes, or at least they have fluent sizes, adapting to either content or screen size.

Here’s an example from the supplier purchase invoice screen. Some suppliers love to have really long invoice numbers, but only ~10 characters are shown.

2. Danish Translation
Currently creditors are named “Leverandører” which translates to “supplier” in Danish. I can get somewhat behind that, even though I would have preferred “Kreditorer”. OTOH, when customers/clients are also not named “debitors” the current translation seems consistent.

However, “Expense Claims” are translated to “Kreditorer” which literally means “Creditors” in Danish. This keeps throwing me off.

Suggestions: “Udgiftsbilag” (expenditure claim/voucher) or “Udlæg” (expenditure for reimbursement-ish).


3. Custom Tax Codes
When creating a reverse charge tax code, I can not assign an account.

I have to pick <Tax rate: Zero (0%)> to get the checkbox for “Revese charged” and the input field for tax percentage, but then I can’t assign an account.

To assign an account I need to pick <Tax rate: Custom %>, <Type: Single rate>, <Rate: 25%> and then an account. But now it isn’t reverse charged.

I realize you actually don’t need to have transactions on the liability side for reverse charge tax, but the online guide gives the impression that you can assign an account to a reverse charged tax code.

So either this is a bug or the guide is outdated.

That is because the Danish is a translation of the original English term used by the program. Manager does not use creditors/debtors. It uses suppliers/customers.

If you disagree with translations, apply to join the translation team. Manager is not translated by the developer. See the link at the bottom of Help translating · WebTranslateIt.

True, but you have answered your own objection:

I will initiate an update. It should appear online within 24 hours.

Thanks, Tut. I have sent an application.

I feel it’s the least I can do when I am still using the application for free.

For future reference, please do not mix ideas or questions in the same topic. That reduces their visibility and makes it difficult to provide meaningful support. And use informative subjects. “Small nuisances” does not attract readership.

Duly noted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Guide change was submitted.

Has the change been deployed?

There is still a discrepancy between the guide and what I experience in regard to reverse charge tax codes:

From guide:

From Linux Desktop Version 21.3.76:

As I wrote earlier, within 24 hours. The Guide web site is rebuilt once per day. As I write this, the time is about 8 hours away.

I appreciate your help. The guide will get updated well before I work my way through the translations :joy:

By the way, translation is not as easy as translating a verbal or a written passage.

Translating labels requires a good understanding of the range of ways users apply each feature in Manager. Often labels are a compromise in all languages.

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I agree that translation should not be taken lightly.

I am aware that labels and wording generally are part of the UI that might cause distress when changed.

For this reason I am very careful only to submit changes when:

  • The current translation is missing or wrong
  • There’s a grammatical or spelling error