SKU duplicates

Just a reminder that there’s no “heads up”/live warning for the creation of duplicate SKU entries.

There is warning after creating them which will give you an option to merge duplicates by merging.

It’d be great if a warning popped up as soon as the SKU has been typed in within the New Inventory Item function.

Otherwise the user might enter a number of new stockcodes one after the other using the “Create & add another” button, only to realise later on that they’d already been entered.

I think it’s a great idea being able to merge two items :slight_smile:

I don’t want program to stop users in whatever they are trying to do. So program will let user do what they have in mind without breaking their flow. What if previously entered item has wrong SKU and newly entered item is not really a duplicate? You see? When you are issuing an invoice for customer, you really just want to issue that invoice for customer and leave this problem for later. No need to break the flow. Duplicate SKU is not critical issue which needs attention right away.

I’ve seen so many accounting packages making this usability mistake. You are typing an invoice for customer who is waiting. And the program starts fighting with you… “no, you can’t sell this inventory item because you don’t have enough qty on hand”, “no, you can’t create this inventory item, because some other item with same code already exists”… and all you want is to create this invoice for customer and move on.

For me, the important thing is that Manager will keep track of these issues and will give tools to easily resolve them when it’s convenient to you. Not when it’s convenient for the program.


Or perhaps give the user the option to give a warning, so it doesn’t force the user to be interrupted.