Skipping data entry automatically

Hello sir

  1. Generating SALES INVOICE, for billable time, from customer folder list
  2. When we do single clicking on the value, automatically displays completed invoice
  3. Software skips DATA ENTRY screen, verified thrice
  4. In billable time folder Debit and also credit created


Items 1 - 3: This is exactly how the program is designed to work. The process you described converts uninvoiced assets in the Billable time and Billable expenses accounts into assets in the Accounts receivable account. In doing so, it interacts with the Billable Time, Billable Expenses, Customers, and Sales Invoices tabs. And it transfers income from Billable time - movement to Billable time - invoiced. It also involves the automatic accounts Billable expenses - invoiced and Billable expenses - cost. In other words, the process involves six automatic accounts and four tabs. This far more complex than creating an ordinary sales invoice. Once the invoice is created, however, it can be edited like any other invoice.

Item 4: What do you mean by this? Debits and credits are not listed in the Billable Time tab.

1 First 3 transactions are correct
2. Last 4 transactions are incorrect
3. Please note Billable time is a sale,never converted to expenses

Please guide us

Your screen shot shows transactions in the Billable time - movement account. This account is used to record accrued income during an accounting period until a sales invoice is generated from the billable time. Credits are entered when you first record billable time. See Record billable time | Manager. Debits are entered when the billable time is invoiced and transferred to Billable time - invoiced. See Invoice billable time | Manager.

Nothing you have shown allows determination of whether these are correct or incorrect. All the debits are from invoiced billable time entries. Both credits are from uninvoiced entries. Their current status is the result of actions you took. If you think something is incorrect, show screen shots of the Edit screens for the billable time entry itself and any corresponding sales invoice.

You are correct about this. That is why the Billable time - movement account exists—to record the work in progress as income before it has been invoiced and recognized. My only reason for mentioning billable expenses in my previous answer is that billable time and billable expenses are invoiced from the Customers tab by the same process. The relevant Guides explain this.