Show item and account on invoice

Hi I am not sure if this is an issue,

The account and item are not showing on invoice

Item Account - the item will show what client is ordering, it your manuals it seems this is correct but I would like them to show… Is that possible?

At the moment it is just showing the description of the item…

BTW I think it was showing “sales” (I have since added a few more accounts/items) on the invoice until I added items that could be bought in non-inventory items, so not sure if this is a bug?


The account and item are internal references which are of little interest to your customer.

@trustyrusty, be sure to read the Guides. For a complete explanation of all the fields and what they do for inventory and non-inventory items, read these:

Note that item codes will show on invoices if they exist. But they are optional. Item name shows only if there is no description entered. Account does not show because it is none of the customer’s business how you organize your chart of accounts or where you allocate the transaction. (Think of receipts you have received in the past. None shows an account allocation. A customer account number is not the same as an account to which the transaction is posted.)


I think it should show item (as name of product), as it was they are buying, account (coa) not important…
and then description as it does if you want to more info on job… thanks for the help…