Show Deposit iso receipt on invoice

Hi. I am fairly new with Manager and still learning. I do not know how to do the HTML coding at all. So I am trying to make things work for my company with what there is. Is there a way to show on an invoice “Less Deposit” iso “Less Receipt”? your assistance will be much appreciated.

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No. But why is this desired? Whether it’s “Less Receipt” or “Less Deposit”. It would still mean the same thing.

Invoices relate to known customers and the actual sales transaction is through a receipt against that invoice.

Deposits are collections of total sales for a particular period and do not specify the customers but the event at which the sales where done. In Manager one can decide if these events are repetitive to label it customer but the “Other” option would be better as it is an event and not a known customer.

Less deposit is thus terminology that should not be used when related to invoices so Manager’s use of Less Receipt is the accurate wording in such instances.

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I don’t understand this at all - surely a deposit is from a particular customer and not a collection of customers?

Maybe you should explain your business sales and receipts flow in more detail so that we can understand the pricess better

When an individual customer pays you for a good or product you record a sales receipt to that customer. If you use an Invoice then you also will record a sales receipt to that customer.

When you sold x-items at a venue such as a market you would deposit the total sales amount received and record it against the event not a customer.

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By the way, thinking about this further. Receipt transaction allows for custom title so I guess on invoice mini-statement, it should display custom title rather than generic Receipt.

We have recently bought a second business where we buy and sell second-hand goods. We are doing Lay-buy’s. We have to show the deposit paid as deposit. It would be great if there can be an option of a description next to receipt (Deposit) and the rest can remain receipt.

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following @lubos 's instruction result in the above, guess this address your need?

If I may ask, how did you manage to change it to Deposit? :blush: As I said I am not clued up with how to do all those changes. But yes the way that you showed is exactly what I need.

Change the Receipt transaction by clicking on the Custom Title option and entereing “Deposit”

yep, assuming you have everything else correct (customer, inventory, invoice etc.) at point of receiving deposit, do the following (1 then 2) with the receipt function, your invoice should show as I illustrated

I have done that, but it still shows receipt.

Perhaps I am on the wrong version: What is I change my receipt reference number to the nr and include Deposit in?


New implementations and features assume you are using the latest version, which currently is

@Mark Thank you. I will download the latest version.

What is I change my receipt reference number to the nr and include Deposit in?

this works too but your reference number is gonna be a mess.
if you’re not relying on it for tracking purposes then there’s no big deal

It works this way and if I put the reference number on first with the deposit following, the next invoice number still follows. Thank you all for the advice. It is much appreciated.