Sales Invoices in different currencies


I am going crazy trying to figure out how I got a single invoice into USD (which is correct) and paid to a USD account. I can’t get another invoice into USD. I even tried cloning the invoice, but after I did so, it turned into IDR (My base currency is IDR). I have one USD account which is paid into for overseas orders and also used for USD purchases for import. I’ve tried receiving money for the invoice into the USD account, but the payment gets posted as IDR.

This is a screen shot to show what I mean. “Bryan Richards” has a USD invoice. “Michael Ford” should also have a USD invoice, but it only posts as IDR. I really don’t understand what is going on.


Currency of invoice is derived from currency of customer. So you need to go to Customers tab, click Edit button on “Michael Ford” and make sure currency of this customer is set to USD. Then all his invoices, quotes, credit notes etc. will be in USD.





While editing customers it doesn’t show any option to set currency. Likewise, while creating new exchange rates, it just shows date column w/o currency or filed to enter exchange rate in it, kindly advise?


Then you need to enable multi-currency. It’s disabled by default.

See to learn how to enable it.


Thanks indeed.